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Busy, Busy June!

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Good morning!

June is a very busy month at the Club. Be sure to come down and join in or watch some of the activities!

  • Saturday, June 9th – Members’ Wedding. Congratulations to Andrew Henderson and Korin Boys, who will be holding their wedding reception at the Club from 6PM. The Club is open, but there will be limited dock access.

  • Sunday, June 10th – Green Fleet (novice) Opti Racing. Come cheer for our green fleet racers, as they take on some sailors from other clubs. Please be aware that there will be heavy congestion in the dock area from 8:30AM until launch (racing starts at 10AM), and again at lunch time. Priority dock access will be given to sailors and their support boats. Please keep the dock completely clear except for loading and unloading.

  • Wednesday June 13/14th- Navy sailors arrive. Once again we will be hosting midshipmen from the Annapolis Naval Academy. If you are able to help set up cots, please come down on Tuesday, June 12 for 7PM.

  • Thursday, June 14th- Potluck BBQs begin. As part of this first potluck, there will be a Junior Sailing Prizegiving for the Spring Programme. If you don’t know the “rules” for potluck, here they are again: bring a side dish (salad, pasta, dessert etc.) to share, and whatever you (and yes we mean you!) want to grill. Please consider bringing reusable plates and cutlery as we try to reduce our reliance on one-use plastics. Grill goes on at 6:30PM, bathing suits optional.

Queen’s Birthday weekend (Saturday, June 16-18) will be even busier…Seagull Racing, Dinghy Racing in Mangrove Bay, Dinner on the Dock… Buy your tickets for Sunday’s dinner soon. If you are able to help at any events, please let the Club secretary know.

Please be aware that we have had an incident of theft at the Club. A Members’ punt was stolen and stripped of stickers. It has since been recovered, but please ensure your punt is easily identified. Note that we have re-positioned security cameras to assist in safety and security.

Additionally, for Overseas Members, there has been a rule change, please refer to the Notice Board within the Members section for details and to access the letter regarding the amended club rules for your membership status. If you have not already signed up for login privileges, you will need to do so in order to access the letter. (it's easy, promise)

See you down at the Club!


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