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Good morning!

As I get ready to hand over to the incoming Secretary, Lauren Simons, I just want to thank all who were at the AGM on Thursday. What a positive showing!

There are still a few spots to fill on the Officers slate as well as in various Committees. I was asked to point out that serving on a non-Executive Committee does not necessarily involve attending meetings, just being part of an idea panel and lending your support for specific functions. So, please, if you have any great ideas and would like to help out – which you all said you would when you joined!- please sign up for the remaining spots. Many hands, etc.

We do need both a Rear Commodore to head up water activities at the Club, and a Vice Commodore to supervise land-based ones. As you may be aware, the Membership at the meeting was fully in support of hiring a Club Manager, so that will be happening soon – this will mean that some of the load involved in those jobs has been spread. You also have a core of experienced officers to ensure everything is running smoothly. So, please consider it! Executive Committee meetings are once per month.

And now for the new Officers and Committee members…drum roll please…

Commodore – Corry Kowalchuk

Treasurer – Aaron Burrows

Secretary – Lauren Simons 

Webmaster - Holly Cole

Members without Portfolio – Michael Cranfield, George Connor

Sailing Committee: Martin Siese, Lauren Simons, Richard Beale, Owen Siese and Ryan Williams

*Rear Commodore needed for Chair

Social Committee: Chair: Rachael McLennan; Jimmy Laurin, Lisa Siese and Adam Kirk

Sports Committee: Chair: Lisa Neasham; Tyler Siese, Duncan Barclay, Martin Siese and Adam Kirk

*we could use a Darts rep

House Committee: Chair: Corry Kowalchuk; Michael Butterfield, Jimmy Laurin and Jason Simmons

*we need all hands on deck when these guys call for help!

Membership Committee: Chair: Lisa Siese; Ryan Williams, Owen Siese, Michael Butterfield

*all past Commodores are also considered Members of this Committee

Audit Committee: Brad Woodings, Martin Siese and Ryan Williams (no chair required)

Congratulations everyone!

All proposed Rule changes passed; we will be sending out the revised Rules and (unapproved) Minutes later this month.

If you know someone who is not getting emails from the Club, please let us know by email so this problem can be rectified.

We regret to announce that Past Commodore Tom Logan passed away yesterday. Flags will be flown at half mast this weekend.

Best regards,

Lisa Siese

Outgoing Secretary

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