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Happy Bermuda Day!

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Good afternoon and Happy May 24th…I mean Bermuda Day!

Tomorrow, May 25th, the Club will open at noon.

Please note that ice and cases of beer are for sale - to Club members.

If you want to get up a little earlier to cheer for the runners, our very own Lee Timothy will be participating.

Please note the opening race or the Fitted Dinghy season will be on SUNDAY May 27th. It will be in St. Georges. Please support the Challenger II and her crew!

Thursday, June 14th, will see the first Potluck of the season. In case you have forgotten the “rules”, bring what you want to grill and a side dish to share. If possible, bring your own reusable picnic plates and cutlery – let’s work on making our club a little more environmentally friendly. During the first Potluck, we will also hold the Junior Sailing Prizegiving for the Spring Season.

Speaking of Junior Sailing, there are still places available in the Summer Programme. Please feel free to pass the link below on to anyone you think might be interested in signing up their youngster. We are extending the Early Bird special until June 1.

There is also a June Green Fleet Clinic on June 10th.

Best regards, and enjoy the holiday!

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