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Movie Night - In the Water...

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

Imagine relaxing on a raft with a cold drink in hand on a perfect Bermuda summer night, your feet languidly dangling in the calm Mangrove Bay water. Now imagine you’re also watching the greatest thriller ever made, projected across the water while unknown terrors threaten from the watery depths. Then those famous bass notes begin... Daaaa dum. Daaaa dum. You can't help but think: Is this really a good idea? JAWS, the story of a great white shark terrorizing a New England resort town, was released in 1975 and became an overnight sensation. It catapulted the career of director Steven Spielberg and at the time became the highest-grossing film (until Star Wars usurped it two years later).

Its struggles during production became Hollywood legend, including how the mechanical shark in the movie broke down so often that crew members nicknamed it "flaws" not to mention the off-camera animosity between actors Robert Shaw (who played salty shark hunter Quint) and Richard Dreyfuss (oceanographer Matt Hooper).

Through it all, Spielberg made a classic. JAWS is considered the first-ever summer blockbuster and has grossed more than $470 million worldwide. Sandys Boat Club welcomes members and their guests to watch this classic while floating in the water on Saturday, 27th July at 9 PM. Just in time for Shark Week!

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