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Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Good morning,

It will be another busy weekend at the Club!

  1. Navy sailors arrive sometime today (June 14) – they will be staying at the Club

  2. PotLuck begins tonight (June 14) – first of the summer

  3. Seagull Race (Saturday June 16)

  4. World Cup begins (Saturday June 16)

  5. Dinghy Racing in Mangrove Bay (Sunday June 17)

  6. Queen’s Birthday Dinner (Sunday June 17) – get your tickets soon!

  7. Hero’s Day Monday (June 18)- Club open 12-9

Congratulations to Coach Lee on a successful Regatta last weekend, and many thanks to all who helped.

On another note, as you may have head through social and other media, the Non-Mariner’s Race has been cancelled for this year. It was our intent to let the Membership know ahead of the press release, but the jungle drums beat ahead of time. Please accept my apologies for this. There is a copy of the press release on the Board at the Club and available via this link.


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