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Northrock Bar open & House Rule Changes

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

Good morning and Happy Friday!

Summer may not yet officially be here, but the heat is on… and the Northrock Bar is open! Thank you to all who helped in the Club Clean-up last weekend and the one before; there are still items on the to-do list, so if you are available, speak to a Flag Officer and we’ll be sure to put you to work.

At the end of the month, any Watercraft that is not registered will be removed from the Club premises. Watercraft must have current Marine and Ports stickers displayed as well as being correctly registered with the Club. Please see Rear Commodore Richard Beale with queries, or send them through me.

The floating dock is back in the water; please note and adhere to the colour coding applied to it this week. I’m attaching the House Rule Changes which apply to docking and to watercraft. Please be respectful in your use of Club property – not only must you follow the House and Club Rules, but you should think of the effect of your actions on others. We have had complaints this week of trash being left on the lower dock at the fishing station, and of loud music being played as boats are being cleaned at the dock. Let’s sort out these issues!

See you down at the Club!


Lisa Siese

SBC Secretary

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