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The Sandys Boat Club

In 1934-35, there was a group of men who would regularly have races between themselves in Mangrove Bay.  They thought that they had a good thing going and decided to form a club to bring others together for sailing, boating, and social events.  On September 10, 1937, the Sandys Boat Club was formed by the founding families which included Jack, Pitman, Parker, Herkes, and Sheen, to name a few.

The first location that the Club met in was the Mineral Factory (the pink building across from the Club).  From there it moved to above the current pharmacy.  Then a room became available in what is now the Club premises.


During the war, the Club was disbanded for a period of years, but when the Club started back up, it grew even more and took more space in the current Club house.

The green room was constructed on the property which was used for games and sailing activities.  In the early 50's, the front balcony of the Club was removed and the "Big Room" was added along with the lower facilities.


By an act of Parliament on December 20, 1955, the "Sandys Boat Club Act" was passed which incorporated the Club.  Since then, the Club has enjoyed use of the building and waterside access for all of its members and guests to enjoy.

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