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Notice of Annual General Meeting

Good evening,

Less two weeks away! Our AGM is Thursday, April 4, please make every effort to attend. If you have not yet served on the Executive or any of the other Committees, please consider doing so. Our Club is only as strong as its membership.

If you would like to propose a Rule Change, please note that such changes need to be submitted (with a valid proposer and seconder) submitted by March 27 in time for me to send out to the Membership for March 28.

If you are unsure on the correct verbiage to use, I am happy to assist – just send me your draft. I've also included a link to a copy of the Rules (updated 2018) for your perusal. This same information is also in the Member's section on the Notice Board.

To access the agenda, please click here to go to the Member's Notice Board. Please remember that you will have to log in if you have not already. You will be prompted to log in or to set up a log in on the Members main page. You may also log in any time at the bottom of any web page in the footer.

Best regards,

Lisa Siese

SBC Secretary

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