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Happy Weekend Everybody.  One or two updates for you. 

Floating Dock: Sunday April 28 - the floating dock will be going over starting at 8 AM on Sunday.  If you are going to be on the Club premises early morning, please use caution around the rolling gate and the dock area as there will be a crane truck moving the dock from the grass to the waterside.

Dock Rules: Please be reminded rule 11 - Dock Rules. These can be found in the House Rules attachment you were sent at joining.  As a reminder I am including them here.  The Committee would appreciate, for the benefit of all members, that everyone is considerate in following the rules as set out. 

Rule 11. DOCK AREA: Boats shall adhere to the follow rules regarding laying alongside the Dock. The dock is Colour coded as follows:

GREEN: overnight with permission of Executive member, YELLOW: while skipper is on Club Premises; do not leave boat unattended, RED: load and unload only.

Times and restrictions may be altered at the discretion of the Rear-Commodore and other Flag Officers. Any discharge onto the dock must be cleaned up by the Member.

Thank you Sandys Boat Club Committee

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